Fahrgaeste leicht enttaeuscht ueber neue Nachtzuege London <-> Schottland
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2019-06-13 11:05:09 UTC
Caledonian Sleeper passengers were woken up and kicked off their train at
Stafford in the latest blow to hit the new service.
The overnight Lowlander service from London to Scotland was forced to a
halt in the West Midlands due to a "technical issue" in the early hours of
Some 150 passengers who had paid for double beds and comfort seats were
offered replacement coaches and trains to take them more than 260 miles to
Edinburgh and Glasgow.
They were promised full refunds after the termination - a result of damage
to the wheels of the train - delayed them by up to five hours.
It is the latest in a series of problems that have plagued Caledonian
Sleeper's new £150 million fleet after it entered service in late April.
Trains have been cancelled or delayed on more than a third of the days the
Serco-operated service has run since the revamp, The Telegraph can
Passengers paying up to £350 for tickets have also complained of water
leaks, broken toilets and coffee machines, booking mix-ups and a lack of
Wassereinbrüche, defekte Toiletten/Kaffeemaschinen, Buchungsprobleme
wohl bis hin zu Fehlbuchungen, personelle Unterbesetzung und,
um das Maß vollzumachen, Liegenbleiber mit Radschaden/Flachstelle.
Wohlgemerkt, von den neuen Nachtzgwagen ist die Rede...

Gruß, ULF
2019-06-23 13:05:51 UTC
Am Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2019 00:03:06 UTC+2 schrieb Recliner in uk.railway
Es geht weiter.
Early Friday morning the northbound Fort William portion (Mk3s) failed at Tulloch - unable to get brake release - fitters attention required. Eventually arrived at the Fort 1333 (218L).
Because the traincrew would have insufficient rest time to work the Friday evening return working pax heading south were put onto a (non-toilet) coach to Edinburgh (see Caledonian Sleeper twitter feed for various complaints about poor customer service in this regard). Service left Edinburgh 12L at 0152 and was held in the Warrington area because the Lowland Sleeper in front (Mk 5s) had come to a stand with traction/doors interlock problem. The Lowland Sleeper limped into Platform 1 at Acton Bridge where it was terminated at 0647 (242L).
Pax from the Lowland conveyed forward by a '350' Liverpool-Birmingham-Euston.
The Highland overtook the failure (107L) at Acton Bridge and arrived Euston 0932 (105L).
Series no doubt continues with next gripping installment this evening.
Bremsenlösen des alten Zuges gestört, Zielankunft +218,
Rückzugs Teilausfall wg. Pertsonalruhezeit, drittklassiger Busersatz,
Lowland-Nachtzug mit den neuen Wagen unterwegs verendet,
alter Nachtzug konnte wegen Abstands seine Verspätung von 12
auf 107/105 Minuten ausbauen.

Gruß, ULF